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Review Chapter 2
« on: March 01, 2006, 02:06:33 PM »

I'd like to give some reviews.

1. Perhaps you should give some explanation about the limitation of Internal Name of Item Type
   (maximal 8 characters)
2. Maybe you should give some explanation about some objects in the Navigator such as
   Attributes, Notifications, Functions, Events, Messages, and Lookup Types.
   What are they used for, how to use, how to create them, what are the relations between each other.
3. Is the Event here (in the Navigator) the same as Business Event System?
4. There are lots of Functions in the Standard, will there any explanations about them.
   Perhaps, how to use, is the PL/SQL required to be defined first, or perhaps we don't have to know what is exactly in each built-in function.
5. What about the Function in our Workflow (is it called as user defined Function?),
   Will there any explanation about creating Functions (beside the Standard one, i.e user-defined function)
   Is there any PL/SQL required in our Function's object?
   How to create and attached the PL/SQL in each function (if it is required and possible)?
7. I'd like to know more about what will happen if a launched Workflow process which required responses but there is no response?
   Will it be stopped? Will it be error? How to remove it from being run?
8. I'd like to know more about purging.
   What is purge?
   Is it to erase a workflow definition (workflow Item Type) from the database?
   Is it to erase a workflow launch processed (or instance) from being kept running?
   Is it to erase a process (which is already defined) from an the Item Type?
9. Could we use the workflow (I don't know which one, perhaps Function object) to do a DDL (create table, alter table)
10. Perhaps there should be explanation about the directory service.
11. Do you save the Workflow definition in another user's schema or in the OWF_MGR's schema?

Maybe this is a question which suppose to be post in the forums but maybe it could be some suggestion
  I'd like do some practice using the Oracle Form combining with Oracle Workflow
  I create a user schema (say ABCDE) and use it as a supermarket database.
  There is some tables in this schema which I used the Oracle Form to create some form to manipulate
    with those tables (inserting, updating, deleting).
  I use Oracle Form to create simple application to manipulate the tables (using item texts, buttons, etc)
  I want to use Oracle Workflow to inform me (using the Notfication Mailer) if there is some
    actions from the Form (perhaps selling things), which do some subtracting in the good's quantity.
    If the goods is getting low in quantity, it would invoke the form (using the PL/SQL in button's trigger)
    to launch a typical Workflow process which send me notifications.
  What do you suggest me to do?
  1. Where should I put the Workflow definition? (in ABCDE or OWF_MGR's schema)
  2. Is it possible to invoke more than one process in a time?
  3. How can a user do some manipulation in another's schema?
     Is it using "GRANT" (some procedures from the OWF_MGR's schema) to ABCDE to use the OWF_MGR's function (launch process)?
     and use "GRANT" for OWF_MGR to do some DML (inserting, updating, deleting) in ABCDE's table?