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Review AppendixA
« on: March 01, 2006, 02:07:01 PM »

I'd like to give some reviews.

This appendix contains a quite sufficient information about the differences about
"event driven" and "non-event driven" workflow.
And actually since you haven't explained about the Business Event System, it wouldn't complete yet.

Actually I am confuse between the firing workflow using the Start node and the one using the Event "Start".
Does it mean if I use the basic Start node then the Workflow can be launched via a PL/SQL (or API)
  or using the Oracle Workflow Home Page - Launch Process?
And if I use the Event "Start" then it can't be launch using the regular PL/SQL function
  nor using the Oracle Workflow Home Page - Launch Process?
There is some Function in each figure which not available in Standard's Functions.
1. Are the "Update Database", "Create New Data", "Submit Automatic Processing", and "Submit For Ship" user-defined Functions?
2. Do we have to put some PL/SQL or queries in each functions?
   Are we able to put some DML in each functions? Is it applied using the PL/SQL?
3. Does it means that we can update table in another user's schema (not the OWF_MGR's table) using Workflow?
4. Are we able to do some updates in the OWF_MGR tables?
5. Do you create and save the Workflow definition in another user's schema?
   Or do you create the Workflow definition in the Workflow Manager's (OWF_MGR) schema?