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Review Chapter 1
« on: March 01, 2006, 02:06:05 PM »

I'd like to give some reviews.

Why Use Workflow?
- It seems that you don't give a formal definition of "business process" which
  is the base of the workflow
  Perhaps you should give an explanation of what the business process is.
- Maybe this subchapter should explain abput the function of workflow
  There is somewhat theroy of 5W + 1H
  what --> explained
  where --> perhaps more formal explanation about where we should use workflow
            where we should implement workflow (in the same schema as workflow manager's or in
            the schema used by the general user)
  when --> perhaps when we should use this process
  why --> why do we have to use workflow instead of streamlining business process
          perhaps more explanation about giving ablity of monitoring process's status or
          automation of some process
  who --> who should use this tool
  how --> how do we implement the workflow
          what if we have already used Oracle Database previously for recording the general transaction
     (perhaps supermarket's transactions with many tables in it), should we implement the
          workflow in the supermarket's schema or use the workflow manager's schema.
          it is possible to combine workflow with another schema (launch workflow process from
          another schema)
Components of Oracle Workflow
- Oracle Database Server
  *) There is Advanced Queuing and Directory Service component in the picture but there aren't any
     explanation about them. Perhaps you should consider to give some explanation.
  *) Maybe you should give some explanation about "workflow enabled application"