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Suggestions for Book update
« on: December 18, 2005, 05:31:37 AM »
Matt your book idea is excellent.
I am really impressed with your thoughts.
My suggestion to you is write a  book with real time scenerio.
Take If project like Po requestion approval,Budget request approval and in those dealing with notifications.
The types of notifications:


FYI, Response, File attachements, Resend.

Notification to single user.
Notification to multi user,

Selection of user's number dynamically to forward the notification details to them by selectiing users from that group.

Like this topics will pay the buyer as well as pay the companies with quality developer and generate employment to the many people the will eat by praising lord along with you.

Do the work purely where developer can learn all the aspects of the concepts in real time scene.
Not like 1000 of pages pdf with out a single of code or example to the suituation or context.

Your idea of putting images and explaning is excellent.