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Chapter 3 Review
« on: June 18, 2006, 04:38:04 PM »

I'd like to give some reviews.

1. One of the Objectives is Launch a Workflow process via the Workflow Web Pages (I called it Workflow Home Page).
Correct me if I am wrong.
BTW, there is also a workflow started with an Event activity (Business Event System workflow), right?
I don't find any point of Launching the BES via Web Pages.
It is should be using the Raise Event link instead of using Launch Processes link, isn't it?
I think, you should also give an explanation of it.
Perhaps by saying that this is only for launching the workflow with standard Start node. :)
Or perhaps you would cover it in another chapter? ???

2. On topic about WF_Engine.CreateProcess and WF_Engine.StartProcess.
then you can use subsequent APIs to setup data as required
I think it is better if you explain what does it mean by "subsequent APIs".
It would be better if you also put some example of them.
My suggestion.
First, call
Next, use the following subsequent APIs to set each Attributes defined in Workflow Builder
  WF_Engine.SetItemAttrText      or
  WF_Engine.SetItemAttrNumber    or
  WF_Engine.SetItemAttrDate      or
Finally, call
3. On topic about Workflow Monitor,
You did not mention about the Login prompt which appeared before the Java Applet started.
And what are the difference between the Login of the Workflow Web Page and the Workflow Monitor.
Since you mentioned in the Abort Process button
If the process is still running, and you are a workflow administrator
Which privilige will be used if we login in the Workflow Web Page as Administrator and in the Workflow Monitor as another user?

Sorry, if my critics is rather difficult to understand.
Hope this will do.



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Re: Chapter 3 Review
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2007, 11:21:26 PM »
I agree in part with this suggestion.  Since the reader would not be familiar with any of the APIs, maybe just include a comment between the CreateProcess and the StartProcess APIs that would say something like "Other setup APIs go here."

With this in mind, you make the statement
Until you call the second API, your workflow will not begin processing.
  If more APIs are inserted after the CreateProcess API, the StartProcess would not be the second API.  It might be better to actually name the APIs being referenced rather than referencing them as the "first" or "second" API.