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Hello All,

We need some help with this. We are having a validation on the Notification using PL/SQL where we validate that when the user Rejects the notification without entering any Comments in the Response section/text area then we would throw an error message : Please Enter Rejection Comments.

This works fine when someone accesses the notification from the Notification Queue within Oracle Applocations and when he clicks the Reject Button without entering any rejection comments it would do the PL/Sql function validation and check for notification response using below and throw error message and notification won't get Closed status.

wf_notification.getattrtext (notification_id, 'WF_NOTE') : this would give the Comments for the given notification id

The issue is happening when the same user tries to Reject the Notification which they would be received via email as well ( because Oracle user setup & Oracle HRMS setup for the same employee would have the email address linked to it ) . In the email notification when the user clicks the Reject hyperlink then the email response window opens up and without entering any Comments , they click the Send button in the Outlook email client and the notification gets Closed status.

Is there any way we could handle this requirement when Rejecting any Notification via email to validate for the presence of Response Comments.

Could someone please review and help us here with this problem.

with regards
Technical Questions / Re: Need hlp on oracle workflow
« Last post by Matthew Searle on July 05, 2013, 10:06:51 AM »

It sounds like the "On Revisit" flag isn't set to Loop on the activities which are looping.

If you haven't built this in a loop, then you'd need to look at what cancels the notifications - the ones which timeout will close when the background engine processes those, but that wouldn't explain any others being cancelled.

If it's not in a loop, then posting a screenshot or the .wft file would help.

Technical Questions / Need hlp on oracle workflow
« Last post by ukthakur on July 02, 2013, 07:13:34 PM »
Dear Oracle worflow Gurus,


I have following requirement .


1. User create Journal Entry

2. Approval mail goes to manager ( supervisor)

3. 1st  Reminder after 24hrs to inform manager that he needs to approve the Journal Entry

4. 2nd Reminder after 48 hrs to manager

5. Escalation mail ( FYI) to Manager's manager ( skip manager) , informing that his Direct report has not approved the JE

6. Final reminder to manager for JE approval

7. Auto rejection of Jounral AE


We were able to  perform step 1-4 but, we are stuck on step 5. Reminders notification that we configured are canceled out . Since we are not sending cancellation mails, there is no escalation mail to skip manager.


Step 6 and 7 are working fine.


Can you please suggest us what are we missing here?




1. This is a Custom workflow and not related to Oracle Apps. Standalone Workflow installation 2.6.4
2. I am sure that Workflow Background Process is the one that is cause for the archive logs. As soon as we stop/kill the job, the archive log creation stops.
Workflow Background process creates multiple log files coz it doesnt finishing its execution.
3. Oracle Workflow Background process for Deferred activities doesnt complete and hence the itemkeys are stuck

Oracle Support has this to say:

There are a couple of looping conditions in the Custom Workflow and that has looped many a times(apparently 4 million).


1. We purged a lot of workflows and it didnt help resolving the issue.
2. This looping activity has been running fine since 2009 or even before that(probably 2008).
3. If it is a performance issue, how is it that the program was completing fine till a week back and now it is not

Please help me on this. I can give you more details....

Anil A K

If the mailer is configured correctly, then all notifications for users with a correct notification preference will be emailed.

Is there anything in the mailer log file?

Is there anything in the mail server error log?

If you send a test message from the mailer, does it arrive correctly?

What value is the MAIL_STATUS for a notification which should have been sent?

Thanks for your reply Matt yes mailer is working fine but users have to login APPS to approve.
Before all was done inside MS outlook mail. Are we using the wrong template or the setting is wrong.


Is the mailer running?

Is the mailer override configured incorrectly?

Are there messages in the mailer log file to indicate what went wrong?

What are the mail statuses of some of the notifications which you are expecting to have been emailed?

Hello All

Good day! we have updated from 11.5.5 to R12.1.3 our email workflow which was working in 11.5.5
Does not work users have to login oracle to approve requisitions
Cannot approve thru there emails any more.  :(


If you can please provide me the code for this custom API --   (xxipo_poc_wf_inbound_pkg . xxipo_poc_wf_inbound_prc)

Event name, and Event Key we are passing through test of the event..
from the Event Data section of the same page we need to pass the xml for event message attribute.

Unless and untill it will not launch a workflow successfully.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply,  I've updated client its not possible still wanted to check if there is any work around.
anyways have a nice weekend.

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