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Hello Team ,

Could you please provide your inputs ?

Hello ,

We are using AP invoice line level approval on our custom page but i want to approve/reject single invoice line if i am having 2-3 lines for approval/rejection under single notification of the same invoice.

Could you please guide me in this case ?

Technical Questions / Re: Urgent: Not a valid role or user name.
« Last post by Ravi_Logging_In on August 30, 2016, 08:02:05 PM »
Hi Shireesh,

I am also, facing the same error, can you please let me know which group are you referring to?

Attribute group?
PLM Group?
Catalog Group(Item Catalog category)?

And where is it assigned in the PIM Configuration?

Please respond.

Technical Questions / Move Order Status dont change
« Last post by matshi on October 15, 2015, 05:00:56 PM »

I have an issue with the order status.

I launched a requisition and the approver approve the requisition and the workflow execute normally.

The workflow in Status monitor is complete but in oracle forms the status doesn't change at all, it shows await for approval(requisition already approved) .

In the panel that is supposed to display only approved order, I found the BMM order with status "Approved" .

Could someone help me please.

Thank you.
Hi dear

I have a business case similar to yours.
I already use the following API

Then Used the following API's to populate Transactions tables


The issue that i face now is How to Make (AME) work to get Approvers and send notifications.
Does there any thing must to do to start AME ? if yes kindly Provide me with any API to do this?

thanks alot
Technical Questions / Reminder Notifications are coming in workflow
« Last post by maheshnov17 on August 05, 2015, 10:37:57 AM »
Hi All,

Need some help on Reminder Notifications issue.

Users are not getting reminder notifications for project workflow. We are sending parallel notifications to users and collecting votes by using voting functionality. We are calling standard package WF_STANDARD.VOTEFORRESULTTYPE to gather the number of approval votes. But the workflow engine is cancelling the notification when the timeout occurs. This function is not working as expected.
We incorporated time out functioanlity in workflow.

For Example:
Requirement is to send the parallel notifications to users. Let's assume there are five approvers. System has to update the project success status if all the users approved the notification.
If anyone from five users rejects the notification system has to update the project status with failure status. It is working fine till this point.

If three users approves the notification and two did not respond till notification due date, then work flow back ground processes is cancelling the notification for two users.

Could you please help me on this?

Mahesh Kumar.K

That makes no sense to me - you get the standard text because the notification doesn't require a response. So why would the client want to change it to indicate that there is a required response? How is a user going to respond to the notification that doesn't actually allow for a response?

If you absolutely must modify the text, then the record is in WF_RESOURCES:

Code: [Select]
FROM   wf_resources
WHERE  type = 'WFTKN'
AND    name = 'WFA_NO_RESPONSE';
Hello Everyone,

We are implementing Oracle iExpense module in our Project. We are using the APEXP Workflow wherein the AME Approval Process is used to determine the approval hierarchy for the Expense Reports.

In the current scenario, the Expense report goes to the immediate manager of the Employee. If the manager does not take any action on the Report it goes to the next level manager. This goes on up to 5 levels of approval hierarchy (assuming no one approves the Expense Report) and finally a notification goes to SYSADMIN.

Per requirements, the approval hierarchy level needs to be restricted to 2 levels of managers. After that the notification must go to SYSADMIN.

Can someone please provide me some clues as to how this functionality can be achieved?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance..
Dear Guru,

I am new to workflow.  I have done FYI notification but an action is required through the link inside the notification. It shows " Information This notification does not require a response" as it is a FYI notification.

My client is asking to change this as "This notification requires your response".

Please suggest me that there is any workaround is there to change.

Thanks in advance.



In AP Invoice Approval standard workflow there are some attributes on header level like To, Sent, Supplier Name, Invoice Number etc. The title/prompt of these attributes should be in Arabic if I am selecting Arabic language. If I am changing the language from English to Arabic, title for attributes To and Sent is changed to Arabic but Supplier Name, Invoice Number and other attributes' title will remain same (i.e Supplier Name, Invoice Number).

Can somebody please help me. Where can I define the translation for these workflow attributes?

Thanks in advance.

Abbas Qureshi
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